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Are you serious about your business and do you want to receive a high ranking web position?  If you answered yes, then optimizing your website is a must and you may want to consider optimizing your website. 

What We Do
Web Designs Ink first compares your site against the top performing websites to see how they stack up against your website and what your site may be lacking.  We then analyze your existing site for speed, key words (meta tags), key word phrases, title, description, alt tags  and content, to make sure your site is seasoned to perfection to receive the positive results your site needs.

You might be wondering what are keywords or meta tags and what is the importance.
Keywords are simply words that someone would type in a search engine to search for a particular interest, object, product or service.

For Example: If I wanted to buy some Cashew Nuts off the web I would more than likely type in Cashew Nuts.  I would not type in balloons because we know where that would take us.

If you are just starting out, it is very important to choose the right domain name.  You will receive much higher ranking results if the main focus of your site is part of your domain name.

For example:  If I wanted to create a Web Design site I would want part of my domain name to have Web Design in it somewhere, just like I chose for  You will notice that a lot of the top ranking domain names are ranked high because of the main focus of their site being a popular word that someone may type in as a search.

A lot of website competitors like to promote your site by using PPC (Pay Per Click).  PPC is where you pay a certain fee every time someone clicks on a specific search term, which brings them to your site.  PPC can become very expensive and is good for a short term fix.
One other thing you have to keep in mind is PPC fraud.  Yes PPC Fraud, this is where a competitor may click on your site just so you will be charged a fee every time they click on your site, or they may pay someone to click on your site to run up your PPC rates knocking out you the competition. 

For a long term solution Web Designs Ink focuses on an Organic solution for ranking purposes.  An organic ranking is where you get there naturally through our optimization services and you don't have to worry about paying every time someone clicks on your site.

What makes Web Designs Ink so successful in this area?  We take the time to analyze, research and get to know your business so that we can properly make sure you have the most popular key words and searched for terms in your website.  This is a very important step in the process and we have a significant investment in specialized tools that we use behind the scene to perform this task.

As you can see website optimization is very important and if you want to reach the right audience, it is equally important to create a search engine friendly website to be indexed by major search engines, so your website can be found both quickly and easily.

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